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Phil Robinson and The Bliss Jockeys @ Kenny's Castaways, NYC (photo by Brian Lin)        


Whether alone or with his large backing band,
The Bliss Jockeys, Phil Robinson inspires and entertains audiences from coast to coast with a unique musical brew that draws from folk, roots rock and gospel traditions, and yet crackles with a strong, earnest energy that's uniquely his own.

A soulful storyteller and bluesy harmonica player, Phil leaves you alternating between laughing out loud and crying at one of his shows, with songs that embrace the full gamut of life. From rollicking fun through to mournful insight, you just might laugh AND cry-- as well as sing, clap and stomp along to his infectious, inclusive music. Can I get a "Hell Yeah!"...?

Like a young Cat Stevens or Bruce Springsteen, Phil's deeply personal story-songs are the journal of an ongoing search for authentic living and self-actualization. And through performing his music, Phil encourages each of us as we continue on our own journeys.


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